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Thursday, 27 September 2012

SplodgeAway DT Cards on TV

Flapper no 2
Shown on Create & CraftToday I had a few of my SplodgeAway DT cards on Create & Craft TV.  Dawn Bibby was very complimentary about one of them - see below.  This card - or "Flapper Card" as I call it was made from one of Stenscapes and another card I had on Create & Craft TV (below) was made from one of the SplodgeAway Masks.  I love all the products that Tom produces because they open up a whole new world of ideas for crafting.  I used to be one of those people who thought I couldn't be any good at papercraft because I couldn't draw. But then I discovered Stencils, which I think I have told you about before - you know the "Ivy" seemed like everyone wanted me to decorate their whole kitchen in Ivy - well, there is only so much shading a girl can do in one day!!?  So I made a new stencil with Ivy and Berries just to add a bit of extra interest for me!

Flapper Card 3
Flapper Card 4
But now I have Stenskapes and SplodgeAway Masks and I feel well and truely at home again just like I did back in the days of Changing Rooms when Lawrence and Linda where my heroes!? I was a happy little sole then because I was always being asked to decorate peoples houses and I thought Interior Design was my thing, well now I know it isn't - colour is., ink is, stencils are, and my Heroes now?  My SplodgeAway Mat, My/Toms' stenskapes, my everyday Masks - THE XMAS WORDS (I looove them) and my Kids who are never that impressed by anything I create but are learning that if they show a slight bit of interest they will get away sooner! and my Husband who has learnt to say "Oh thats good" before he slides off to the Pub!
Made with Poinsettia Mask
So I am happy in my little world of crafting with my friends because we all compliment each others work when it is warranted and we all understand the love of the craft and the necessity of the SplodgeAway products and I am proud to have my work on TV again and I am enjoying the moment while it lasts! and I have just remembered I have two cards to make by the end of the day tomorrow so bye for now, hope you like my work.  Sam
Poinsettia Mask Card on Create & Craft TV


  1. Sam your card looked amazing on C&C, it really stood out and its a great concept. Well done. Michelle x

  2. Thank you Michelle for your lovely comment, coming from someone as talented as you it really is a compliment. Sam

  3. Sam I saw your card on C&C the top one is amazing. I'm really impressed with the products so am going to have to invest in the stenskapes. Jenny x

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment, I know you won't regret buying the SplodgeAway products. If C&C are sold out you can buy direct from the site - Let me know when you have them, I would love to see what you do with them. Sam

  5. They really are stunning Sam and they looked great on C&C. I haven't seen the 'flapper' card technique anywhere else and I so want to have a try at that when i've the time! hugs Karen

  6. Stunning card Sam, looks Fab xx


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