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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Today is the Day SplodgeAway TV Launch

The clock is ticking - in almost exactly 3 hours Splodgical Inspirations will air on TV's Create & Craft with Maria Simms and Mr SplodgeAway himself, as our DT Leader, Annette, calls him. Mrs SplodgeAway, Sue, will be sat in the "Green Room", the design team and The Splodgers' families will be split between houses and the Suzicraft shop, Annette will be updating our blog and we will all have one thing in common, we will all be sat with beited breath at a minute to 12 noon, we will be watching a screen, wheather it be a TV, a Lap Top, an Iphone or on the Camera right in front of us (Tom and Maria) and we will be waiting for that very first glimpse of the red light on the camera, the muffled distorted picture on the lap top, the wide screen TV and the ever so clear Iphone and we will take in a GASP ..... of excitement as Dave makes his introductions...... LIVE on TV............!!! What happens after that, well we will all have to wait and see. The only thing I can guarantee is that Tom has a great team of people behind him and his products and I am proud to be a part of it!!!


  1. I know what you mean about the bespoke cards, and they always take more time to make that you've set aside for them. Tom's doing well with his mat, the only way is up for Suzicraft. xx

  2. Michelle thank you so much for actually coming back to me via my blog - funny though I was just in the middle of updationg my crafting blog |(over there on the left) with the fact that no-one puts comments on my blog?? Yeh Tom doing great, but he was just lucky that he happened to design something wonderful!!


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