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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

 I said on Monday that I was going a little stir crazy because I could'nt get out of the house, well two days later and here I am again? What is going on! My kids just keep taking it in turns to be ill lately, not really ill but ill enough for me to doubt myself if I sent them to school, would I be making them go in because I thought they were just border line "well enough!? or would it be because I had a breakfast appointment with a group of very good friends who I enjoy spending time with,  or would it be because later on I wanted to nip into Suzicraft and hand in some work and have a cuppa, or would it be because I just wanted to have a day TO MYSELF.

 I do have a husband, I am not a single Mum (hats off to those who are) I just don't know where he is at the moment, somewhere off shore! when he will be home or if he will let me dissapear off to Spain for a week on my own when he gets back (you can dream can't you)! Still look on the bright side, I could catch up on some housework, I could sit and chill with my "Sick"? child who keeps asking for food? in front of some loud annoying disney programme or I could sneak off to my newly tidied up craft room and finish the competition piece I am doing?? Yes thats what I will do.!! I will add some visual for you, a couple of projects I did the other day when my son was ill which are on my homecookeddesigns website, I was having a bit of a play with my SplodgeAway mat and my Breyer. 

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  1. Simply Fabulous, You have got a lot of stamps i have, Brilliant....


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