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Saturday, 28 July 2012

I haven't blogged on here for a few days, I wanted to keep my Carole project up for a while, I must apologise to my lovely friend Joan for the mis-spelling, it was a typo error, I am very sorry. 

Yesterday I went to a joint class with Annette Lee and Maria Simms - I really enjoyed this class and so did the other women I was talking to.  I always meet lovely women at these classes, thank you Margaret for your gift today.  I made a card with Annette that no-one would expect from me and I must admit I am very proud of it - thank goodness we did a tester first!  I think I will start to work that way at home becauause when you make mistakes on the tester piece, it really helps you to know what result you are aiming for on the real project.

I then moved to the Breyer class with Maria.  I remember the first time I saw Barbara Grey on Create & Craft I couldn't believe the results she was getting from layering and masking and thinking there is no way I could ever do that.  Well here I am after one Breyer class with Annette and two with Maria, making pictures and understanding a bit more about prospective, something I struggled with at college when we had to draw a full room design, it always held me back, the bed would be jumping out the picture and the tiles would look like they were half way up the wall, mood boards were much easier. 

Anyway - if  you look at this picture, which I still need to practice a little bit more, you can see that with just a few simple techniques you can start to put a picture together, my breyering was definately improved from last time after a quick re-cap of techniques, but I can't wait for the next one.  Not being able to draw has always held me back, which is why I like stamps.  But watch this space - I will produce a picture of my own one day! I didn't say a drawing, but a picture.  
We did a second  card with Maria which I will put on later when I mount it onto card.

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